What a Legal Pro Really Does With PPI Claims

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If you’re looking for more information on PPI claims — you’ve definitely come to the right place. A few people have asked us directly what really goes on when they let someone else take over their case, compared to when they actually take it over. This is a good line of questions, because it means that you’re getting closer to the real goal. You want the money that’s been locked away from you, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, a lot of people are truly missing the proverbial forest for the trees, and that’s where we have to step in and set the record straight. People are asking what they can do to cut out the lawyers in terms of PPI claims, meaning that they keep the bulk of the money that they get back.

PPI ClaimsYet this misses a critical point — you’re outgunned from the beginning. If you’re going to try to take on the industry David and Goliath style, you’re in for a wild ride. You’re in for the surprise of your life, as many within this field know a lot more than you. They will challenge you at every turn, and otherwise make it very difficult to get the PPI premiums back. Even if you do get some headway, you could be bogged down in delays from the very point of contact. Is that really the right path to go?

Contrast that with the no touch approach that most PPI solicitors are skilled in offering to their clients. Instead of fighting with the lenders — you don’t. You just step away and let the solicitors work on your behalf. They have a lot more experience with the legal field when it relates to PPI. This means actually more money in your pocket, because you’re going to be stress-free. Compare that with how much time you could spend handling your appeals.

Let’s say that you lose because you didn’t have representation. That’s a lot of lost money, a lot of stress, a lot of energy being basically poured down the drain because you were trying to keep the whole pie to yourself.

What a PPI solicitor does when it comes to PPI claims far exceeds what you would be able to save doing it on your own. The world of PPI is a bit too complicated for normal people to navigate on their own. Don’t get sucked into promises of how much money you would save if you did it on your own — that’s an illusion. You’re better and worth so much more than that!