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Could Giving Up Your Vote Mess with Your Credit

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Today’s political climate isn’t like any other. After all, most people would have never realized what impact the Internet would truly have on our day to day lives. But since we’re talking about credit, we have to think about everything that can affect it. What you say online doesn’t affect your credit, thankfully. However, not […]

Credit Counseling Answers: What Is It About?

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Credit counseling is a solution for many people. The goal of a credit counselor is to provide information and education to a person about credit, repayment and how to avoid costly debt situations. Today, credit counseling offers many other benefits to the consumer as well. But, not all of these agencies are the best companies […]

Choosing a Credit Counselor: You Have Choices

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How do you go about choosing a credit counselor? With a few tips in hand! Making the decision to work with a credit counselor is a positive step toward taking control of your financial future. But how do you tell the good credit counselors from the bad ones? By doing your research and making some […]